January 25, 2013

God that sounds awesome: a lap of Daytona with Magnus Racing

Not going to waste your time, just turn it up.

OK no, wait! I do have something to add, you may have seen Magnus' Daytona promo on a couple other web sites yesterday and perhaps you read some of the comments. Seriously there are people who either read or write sites like Jalopnik and have never read a Magnus Racing press release? Let's just say they need to catch up... like a lot of the field at the Rolex 24.

Picture every self important, grandiose, overwrought, pompous, hyper dramatic racing "clip" you've seen online, OK now imagine it directed and edited by Trey Parker and Matt Stone...

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I thought the folks at Jalopnik (and quite a few commenters) didn't quite get the drift. Though some of the commenters definitely got it, the majority thought Magnus was being serious -- something they only seem to do when actually racing.


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