January 10, 2013

2013 Dubai 24 Spotter guide

What would we do without the great Andy Blackmore and his spotter guides? But you didn't know Andy is one of the world's top livery designers, have a look at his web site AndyBlackmoreDesign.com

The Dubai 24 has an incredibly varied entry list, along with the usual suspects you will find what has to be out personal favorite underdog: the #75 BMW Z3 MCoupe of team Ymor-Bas Koten Racing from Holland!

We'll also be keeping an eye on Axis friend Hideki Francis Onda who is sharing the #81 Dragon Speed Audi R8 with Eric Lux, Peter Aronson, Vincente Potolicchio and Pierre Ehret this week end. Go HFO.

Other unusual cars in the field include a #6 VDS GT 001-R, a GC10 V8 and a GC 10 V6, a Citroen C2 Super 2000 , which I though was a rally car, a Mini Coupe R58 and a Renault Megane Trophy.

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