January 16, 2013

The 25

2012 Air Force 25 Hours of Thunderhill winner Ehret Porsche by Danny Sullivan

The 25 Hours of Thunderhil, because only 24 hours is for wimps. The NASA sanctioned event is the enduro equivalent of turning up to 11, it's one more, isn't it?

Have a look at this film, sent to us by Pete Billington showcasing three Miata fielded by the Atlanta Motorsports Group.

The main sponsor for the guys is Optrix, makers of cases which allow you to use an iPhone as an "action cam". Beyond simply protecting the phone, the Optrix case has a high quality built in wide angle lens allowing for a 175 degree field of view. All the onboard, cockpit, POV and time lapse pit shots in the film were done with iPhones.

Optrix also offers an app, Optrix Video Pro, allowing real time overlay of GPS and accelerometer data.   Some of you may be familiar with Harry's LapTimer Pro, this is a reworking of the the same software by the same designer.

The AMG crowd survived the 25 quite well at this year, a 1st, a 3rd and a 4th in class. Well done guys!

E0 Class, 4th Place
Daniel Deckers
Michael Hall
Stephan Tisseront
Kevin Baillie

E1 class, 3rd Place
Todd Lamb,
Andrew Caddell
Brad Rampelberg
Ryan Winchester

E2 class, 1st Place
Guy Laidig
Beau Borders
Todd Launchbaugh
Travis Wolcott

Film by Landis Fields, Brian Berringer, Pete Billington, Punn Wiantrakoon, Zac Wollons and Anna Fields. Music by Vincent Tone - Astronaut.


  1. Axis has finally been soiled by a filthy little Miata? Did something horrible happen to Deutschland?


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