December 3, 2012

Red is Dead

It's not entirely clear if Renault UK commissioned this campaign or if it was just the ad agency doing it on spec but,  it's pretty funny.  

I imagine in Maranello they are either humorlessly planning a lawsuit  or amused at the thought Renault won their 10th championship in a ....RED Bull!

Check out more of the Red Is Dead campaign after the jump.

The idea of beating on your beaten opponents is not exactly new,  Porsche was pretty good at it in the 80s!


  1. Anyone know where to get that porsche poster in hi res?

  2. I think it's a bad move from Renault. The RB8 might be even faster with a Mercedes or a Ferrari engine. They also forgot that they failed to beat Ferrari with their own Team in the previous years.

  3. They did beat Ferrari with their own team in 05 and 06. And in F1 a more powerful engine doesn't necessary mean a faster lap time: driveability and (more importantly) cooling requirements as well as packaging are crucial. The Renault V8 is known to be pretty good in those areas, even if allegedly down on power.


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