December 14, 2012

Race of Champions used to be really good

The Race of Champions, started in he late 80s by Michel Mouton as a memorial for Henri Toivonen, used to be pretty badass when it was run on a proper super special stage in the Canary Islands, certainly a far cry from the sanitized go kart track of the current version.
If you do plan of watching this year's edition, you can see it streamed live on YouTube on the Drive channel this week end.

Of course the whole concept was really invented in the US fifteen years earlier with the International Race of Champions.  That too eventually became a bit of a joke but for one season, in 1974 it was glorious.   The winner that year was Mark Donohue and the cars, identically prepared Porsche Carrera RSR.
 I got to warn you though, this clip cuts off before the end of the race. If you know of a complete one please let us know.

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