December 26, 2012

Is this the best sounding car in the world?

I don't know about that but certainly has to be in the top handful of amazing engine sounds. Makes Merc 6.3's sound kind of tame.  
Another cool Kidston clip for us to enjoy. How about those spring loaded twin gas tank fillers?

Of course this Aston Marting V8 Vantage 6.3 is a car from an era before 700HP became "the new 400HP" and it was, at the time, a 0-60 in 5.3 seconds "supercar" something a stock BMW 1 series could easily top now.  Ah but the sound...the leather...the popping on the overrun...The six speed!

Wonder if Swiss cops were moved into not giving these guys a ticket like they do everyone else!

Too much music in that clip?  check out the raw sound after the jump


  1. Cool car - does it come with outboards? :-)

    Seriously though - how do you think the current Vantage stacks up against this?

    1. I'm sure dynamically it's better but no way it would put as much of a grin on your face !

  2. Yes. This is the second best sounding car:


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