December 21, 2012

The Ferrari F150 will be tiny....

It might confuse some  Ford pickup truck buyers, but it looks like Ferrari are going with F150.

The most exciting new revelation about Ferrari next ultimate car is the size:  will be small, the same size as a 458 Italia but with a monster 740HP + V12 supplemented by KERS making it  40% less polluting.  Thank god for that, everyone was terribly worried about the amount of pollution a few hundred Ferrari hypercars would produce driven for the dozens of miles a year they usually are!

Ferrari's web site adds:

Reducing the overall centre of gravity was one of the key targets for the new car, along with a reduction in height and wheelbase to match that of the 458 Italia, despite featuring a V12 HY-KERS engine and dual-clutch gearbox.

In order to rationalise interior space, the cockpit, and consequently the entire vehicle, is built around the driver, making the most of Ferrari’s experience, both in functionality and ergonomics. Hence the decision to adopt a fixed seat, which will be made to measure (as it is in an F1 car), with an adjustable pedal box and steering wheel. The inclination of the backrest, and the fact that the occupant’s feet are at the same level as the driving position, gives an extraordinarily racy feeling and achieves a considerably lower centre of gravity.

The F150 will be powered by a development of the 740 CV 6.3-litre V12 introduced in the new F12berlinetta, along with the latest evolution of Ferrari’s HY-KERS electric hybrid system unveiled at the Geneva Show in 2010. The HY-KERS system is a performance enhancer, as well as a tool in the battle to lower emissions. In fact, it is estimated that that the system shaves 10 per cent off the car’s 0-200 km/h time, while cutting emissions by an impressive 40 per cent, while also enhancing a torque vectoring system, traction control and brake force distribution as it is fully integrated with Ferrari’s already phenomenal chassis electronics. Under braking, the KERS directs the kinetic energy to charge the batteries.

Flavio Manzoni, Design director at Ferrari says of the F150:

‘I wanted a front end still inspired by F1 but not the same, so how to do it?
Of course it’s not easy, but this is the most exciting project in the world!
The F150 will be the Ferrari with the greatest transfer between F1 and a road car that we ever did. We are trying to anticipate the future with this car. We are building a car close to the limits of technology, but we will only have succeeded if you can feel the result. The real objective of a special Ferrari is feeling, feeling, feeling.’

A none too subtle swipe at Mclaren I'd say.


  1. If I remember correctly, they wanted to name their F1 car the F150 a couple of years ago; Ford sued them and they changed the name to F150th. What would make them think they'll be more successful this time?

    1. good question... maybe they reached a settlement with Ford.

  2. AC, F150 is Ferrari S.p.A.'s internal project designation code... if you recall, the 458 Italia's was F142. buon natale! ;-)

    1. Well yes, but so was f50, f50, f60 they called Enzo. I doubt they'll call this one the Piero or the Luca..... Maybe they'll call it the Lapo? :)

    2. it'd need to come in suede camouflage if it were called the "Lapo"... but he could pull it off... ;)

  3. btw, it looks like luca is allmost falling asleep




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