December 18, 2012

A good couple of days for Romain Grosjean

Romain "Linguini"Grosjean
I once heard a WRC team boss being asked about young drivers who crashed a lot, "You can teach slow" he answered "but you cannot teach speed". Meaning, if you have someone who can go 11/10ths but makes mistakes, the possibility exists you can get through to him to dial back to 10/10ths, a 9/10th driver a good enduro racer.

I don't think anyone is really surprised Lotus confirmed Romain Grosjean for 2013, no doubt he has the speed, he was robbed of a GP win in 2012 in Valencia and has been a quick qualifier. I'm sure Lotus got a great deal on him considering the "annus horribilis" he had in 2012.

The official announcement cane right after Grosjean won the Race of Champions in Bangkok this past week end, defeating Tom Kristensen in the final.

The annual event was shown on YouTube via the Drive channel.
It was....rough.   Despite incessant twitter updates from @Drive, it was not shown live so results were known nine hours before the "broadcast". When time came to watch the festivities, many people just got a big fat "please stand by" sign on YouTube.
I tried for about a half hour and just gave up. You can see segments of the race now on Drive today though I'm not sure why they chose not just stream the live commentary from the Radio Lemans crew.

Maybe next year.

Earlier in the competition, ironically it was Vettel who crashed out...


  1. Jean "Linguini"Grosjean

    Ever since I saw this guy I knew he reminded me of someone, and I was going nuts trying to figure out who ... as soon as I saw your shot of Linguini, I thought, that's it!

  2. Wow, that stadium is freakishly empty.

  3. The only reason he didn't hit him on the start is because there's a concrete wall separating them. (He's an alright dude, I kid, I kid.)

  4. I'll give him credit.. he's got a really cute wife

    Oh and tell that the feed wasn't "live". They insisted it was! .. Yeah I'm not exactly positive on this but if its night time here in the US, it's not night time in Thailand. I guess the earth is flat to Autoblog


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