November 23, 2012

Brazil.... Brazil....

Vettel will be the youngest ever three time World Champion Sunday afternoon ...or maybe not. Weird things have been known to happen at Interlagos and Fernando is most definitively looking for a little macumba in Sao Paulo tonight.

2007, Hamilton had it in the bag but his Mclaren choked (or he pressed the wrong button...)

2008 Massa, wins his home race and becomes the first Brazilian World Champion since Senna....for about 38 seconds, until Hamilton crosses the line in 5th place having passed Timo Glock who will never ever in his whole life ever get a Christmas card from Maranello.

2010 Alonso seems to have the Championship well in hand but the race but Brazil denied him crucial points when in the final race in pre-DRS Abu Dhabi saw him spend 40 laps behind Petrov's Renault.

Did I mention it might rain?

Who would you want to see wearing the latest culturally correct Pirelli first place hat this week end?


  1. I want to see Hamilton win his last race at McLaren, Alonso to finish P2 and Vettel get a DNF. That would make for a brilliant finale. Surely Karthikeyan's taking bribes since HRT isn't writing checks anymore...

  2. Hulkenburg gets penalized for a real racing accident, Vettel drives Kobayashi off the track and it doesn't even get mentioned.

    At least they are not even pretending to keep it even.



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