November 2, 2012

160 Million Dollars, Sideways!

Axis friend Alex King sent us the final edit of his video from this year's Goodwood Revival.
Alex,  working with Derek Hill,  shot the whole thing on a Super 8 film camera and cut it period newsreel style to a script by Abbey Smith.   My favorite line: "Here's Derek with his Cobra co-driver Kenny Brack, former Indy car driver and he's also Swedish!".

Watch Alex's clip for the flavor first then have a look at these clips from a few of the races held at Goodwood.    The first is the St.Mary's Trophy,  maybe the "crappiest "cars  but some of the most amazing racing and driving of the week end.   Brakes?  they are for woosses and only slow you down,  chuck it and deal with it!

Thanks Alex!

More races after the jump

The Whitsun Trophy for older Can-Am and prototypes from the mid 1960s.

The marquee event, the TT celebration.   Adrien Newey probably figured out a way to hide a blown diffuser under that E-Type LTW and in typical Red Bull F1 form, blames someone else for driving off the track at the start!   Bummer about the Maserati though.


  1. One of my bucket list trips to make. Absolutely superb video!

  2. Loved the TT race. Thanks for posting, and great blog!


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