October 23, 2012

One man's folly is another man's project.

Gianni Agnelli had Pininfarina make him this 365P so he could "ride with a blonde and a brunette"

Once upon a time, it was the fashion for very wealthy men to have fanciful buildings constructed on their vast estates, usually the opposite of utilitarian, oftern quite irrational,  built solely for the enjoyment of their owners and called, appropriately, follies.

In the 20th century, wealthy men had lavish custom "Fuoriserie" built by coach builders,  they were rebelling against a rising tide of...equality? They pursued their dreams simply because they could, just like James Glickenhaus can and has.

Today, one man's dream involved a Mclaren F1 or better, the lack of a Mclaren F1 because it turns out, not everything can be had when one desires it.
Undeterred in his pursuit of a car where, as in a big Mac, the driver sits in the middle,  this anonymous gentlemen first considered commissioning a center drive Lamborghini Gallardo but eventually settled on a Porsche 911 as a first step.

There is of course the not inconsequential matter of going from "folly" to reality...to produce a working folly. Enter Shawn Bayliff at Trinity Motorsports. Trinity is not somewhere in engineering breadbasket of southern England or in Emilia Romagna next to the Pagani factory, it is in Lima Ohio.

Shawn worked for over a year on the project, working out how to make this unique 911 look as "factory" as possible as you can imagine, not a simple task. Shawn's not one to shy away from any car related task, restoring an old BMW Picchio or stuffing a Daytona Prototype V8 into a Z3 MCoupe, the man loves a challenge.

Yeah, a center drive 911 is a bit nuts but isn't it a better world because there are still men who can turn someone's folly into a reality?

Photos by Zach Courter

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