October 31, 2012

Indian GP Executive Summary

I hope you'll excuse the abbreviated version, it's a beautiful day here in New York City but the city was seriously wounded by this storm. We had to evacuate our building (you may have seen that dangling crane 75 stories up...) and as of now don't know when they will be able to resolve that situation.

Which brings me to F1 which along with doing two races myself this past week end was the last distraction from this mess.


Awesome first lap then essentially a procession of DRS passing in the same place. Buddh may be a cool technical track but racing turns out to be people racing the one second DRS interval rather than each other. Boring.

Vettel: you can have the best car but you need to still need to execute. That he did and as usual he managed to build a DRS proof gap in the first few laps. I would dearly love to see Vettel start from somewhere in the back and see him really fight for a victory in one of the final races.

Alonso: Star of the race, he too executed his plan and with help from Webber's failing KERS system (funny how things mostly fail on Webber's car...) was able to score as many points as possible behind Newey Vettel.

Mclarens mostrly fizzled, Senna made a cool pass and one bonehead move, Perez did not shine, Massa started and finished, that's about it. F1 needs to do something about tire cutting end plates. It's not possible that such minimal contuse completely shred tires.

Next week Abu Dabhi and hopefully something more exciting.... like being able to watch at home!


  1. Thanks for the upload. Nice India version of Satisfaction at the end. Hopefully we get some in Abu Dhabi.

  2. I have to admit that when I saw Sebastian Newey's car "sparkling" I suddenly became Catholic again and was praying for a failure!

    Do you reckon that Ferrari can improve their qualifying pace enough to give Nando a chance to get close to the Red Balls at the start?

  3. Executive Summary is the only way I can watch F1 and thank you for posting it even though conditions in NYC were terrible for last two days. My prayers for your safety and providence during this difficult time, hope life and the city gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

  4. Did you see Gary Anderson's analysis on Red Bull, pretty interesting stuff



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