October 15, 2012

2012 Korean GP Mega Gallery

That's pretty much the 2012 Korean GP in a nutshell.  A boring race on a wretched track.    Vettel won the race when Webber "Mysteriously" could not get off the line again.  A pointless yellow flag in the only real overtaking spot on the track, kept out for six laps sealed the deal.  Yawn.

But the photo pros did a good job,  enjoy this gallery or press photos and feel free to gover to our flickr and download enormous versions of them!


  1. The top 10 drivers starting from odd grid positions all last one place at the start. Webber wasn't the only one.

  2. 10% of the race under caution at the primary overtaking portion... Hmm... The mashalling was garbage, we only saw a crane coming up the straight to recover Nico's car at around lap 8.

    That combined with the astro turf, and no real support races makes me think that Korea's GP will be a short lived affair.

  3. Fernando, Felipe is faster than you...

  4. Lets face it, any track/race where the red bulls can essentially cruise in front is going to be boring. I personally think the track would be very challenging to drive, lots of throttle manipulation (vs the 'point and shoot' of some others). Also, any race that produces interesting side stories about local accommodation/culture is good in my book. Nothing like hearing from Joe Saward his disappointment at the local brothel he's staying in, lol.

    Seriously though, RBR has done something to that car, there is no way they just 'found' seconds over the entire rest of the field ('because it's a downforce track' yea right). Can't wait until the other teams figure out wtf it is so we can see racing again.


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