September 13, 2012

Mclaren vs Mclaren

Everyone is looking forward to this one being unveiled at the Paris Auto Show. If Mclaren have a problem it will not necessarily be competition from the Porsche 918 and the from what I hear, completely mental, Ferrari F70 or the Huayra or the Aventador.

Mclaren's challenge will be surpassing the expectations and benchmark they set twenty years ago with the Gordon Murray F1, a car that looks as fresh today as it did in '92. That car had three seats and a stunning normally aspirated V12 engine. This one has a V8 a turbo and, possibly, batteries.

Let's see.


  1. I wish people would stop saying things like ^this^. Given that this is a wholly new, clean-sheet design and manufacturing process, and they aren't sourcing anything as silly as the entire drivetrain out-of-house, I'd say that the only benchmark they have to compete against is 'how does it drive?'

    Seriously, Porsche and Ferrari have been making their entire platforms in-house, from design to fabrication, for so long that we shouldn't be surprised when their next car performs better than their last. McLaren has a fraction of their resources and production capacity, so turning out a competitive and capable hypercar with nothing but inspiration sourced from their last effort is commendable, if not totally awesome.

    I feel the same way about Pagani and Koenisssiigggsiissgg for the most part, as well, although the Pagani style is to McLaren's technicality what Lamborghini's extroversion is to Ferrari's subtle sexuality and passion. They are truly different approaches to car design, and I really wish people would remember that. Seems like the new Macca is always getting talked down about because of the precision and coldness...

    1. Well, I think Mclaren would be the first to say they want to compete without an asterisk like "they had to develop everything in house...

    2. It'll be fine Jeff, our beloved AC just despises any carmaker that competes with Ferrari in F1. Porsches are fine by him for that reason, McLaren however....he can tell it's all hype and Chevy Aveo tier handling from just some promotional Photoshop artwork.
      Chalk it up to what makes this blog otherwise great, he's utterly passionate about F1 and racing.

      (but also a hopeless fanboy)

    3. Oh c'mon project much? hahaha. Maybe I did not make it clear enough that that Mac F1 is still the best supercar ever built?

      However you have to say the MP12 pales in comparison to the 458, though it does have a very cool multimedia console :)

  2. Jeff,
    You realize you just made a whole load of excuses for why a VERY expensive car (that was touted by its makers as being the best thing since oral sex) is not as good as its competition.

    I think that is what most people have been dwelling on with McLaren's recent efforts. Can you blame them?

  3. Check out the high res image Mclaren just put out. Looks like the double bubble top that had been suggested might be in there.

  4. Jeff,

    I believe that when you choose to use the same name of such an ancestor, you must be ready to cope with the fact that people will compare the two.

    And that given that the original F1 was a work of art under every aspect, the new one will have an hard time...


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