September 18, 2012

Mclaren P1

What do you think?


  1. Love it.
    Not sure about the bi-turbo V8, but I'll never get to drive one so...

  2. I see McLaren have opened another pack of "Instant Supercar just add water and stir :)

    There's nothing really distinctive about it, it might be the greatest car ever made but it looks like it could be the new MR2.

    That said engine roar might make a different impression but there are definitely far better looking cars available, especially at that end of the market

  3. Koenigsegg is what immediately popped into my mind when I saw that side-profile photo.

  4. awesome piece of design, whether people find it beautiful or ugly. I hope it turns out to be a powerful, reliable car... just so its that much more impressive.

  5. Its just ok, and from some angles, maybe even ugly. Which is just a little sad.

    It doesn't seem to have the purposeful, focused design of the original, and no matter how good, I fear it will never live up to the F1, to which it will always be compared.

    1. I totally agree, the design lacks purpose, the tension in the surfaces seems, at least from these press photos, wobbly and undirected at best. There are some cool ideas going on with the way the surfaces are cut, but it just looks like a blob and the greenhouse seems far too big imo. In short, this looks nothing like the rumoured 900-1000hp and if this wasn't a new Mclaren but rather some sort of new SSC/whatever, I would have directly clicked it away from a design point of view and not given it a second thought.

  6. I just miss the 80s.

    F40 & F1: simple, gorgeous, analog... perfect

  7. It's not really saying much is it? If you hadn't said it was a McLaren it could have been one of those Autobacs-branded cars that runs in JGTC. Plus it seems to suffer from 914-itis where you can't tell if it's coming or going...

  8. I like it... What I like best is how low the back seems. Amazing how they can pack a v8 with twin turbos in there. I'm expecting very high top speed with that slim body.

  9. Overall, it's hot, can't deny it.
    It's feature is it's rear, which is pretty hot no doubt. The front is meh kinda MP4ish, even Lotusish
    and agree with 1 earlier comment... the side profile did initially remind me of a later Koenigsegg, but if you look at a 458 in orange,... its even closer, try this...

  10. Looks like there's enough aero you need to have LMP1 experience to go 10/10th! Just off the cuff I would say it's another "science" car from Mclaren. And yes it's more Agera than F1 looks wise.

  11. I feel like they took a generic blob and cut the shape of their logo into it as much as they could. That said it still looks insane. Insanely awesome or insanely ugly is the question...

    In any case, it's still a McLaren, and I think that means the shape was more influenced by function than form. Most people I know slammed the MP4-12C for looking too generic (self included), but now having seen quite a few in person, I have to say it's gorgeous. I'd argue it's better-looking than its competitors from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Audi.


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