September 20, 2012

Dan Gurney for President gets our vote!

A Goodwood Revival, possibly the best race on the planet, highlight reel from The Telegraph.

Count how many times you yelled out "NOOOOOOOO" in just this one clip! For the record something like a billion dollars worth on machinery in attendance this year.


  1. I yell "NOOOOOO" more often when I see these cars tucked away in garages and trailered their entire lives.

    Seeing them get some badges of honor on the track, while expensive, is what these things were made for, and I applaud the drivers and owners for having the guts to do it.

    So much win. I love the Mk 2 Jag (I think it was) doing graceful powerslides -- whether or not they were intentional is hard to say.

  2. omg, cant' believe that crashes

  3. It is the greatest show on Earth, no doubt. If you have an automotive event bucket list this one needs to be at the top of it.

    They missed the big Cobra crash. Martin Brundle lost it and what would have been a harmless slide through the grass turned into disaster when he hit another parked Cobra. Both cars were heavily damaged.


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