August 31, 2012

Spa Treatment

Montoya, first lap 2004.

Crazy Dave Coulthard 1998

Again Montoya in 2004, brilliant pass on Schumacher at the original Bus Stop.

2000, the Schumacher- Hakkinen Duel. (shades of Macau but at 200mph)

2011, Webber on Alonso. Two gentlemen in action

Speaking of Alonso, 2008: changes tires on last lap and gains 4 spots!

The infamous 2008 race

Hamilton 2011

The 2011 Race

Bonus video

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  1. Whoever were editing those FIA Race edits for 2007/2008 seasons did a kickass job of it!! I wish we had them back again... which makes me wonder though.. who does FIA approach for this sort of work? Long back ive heard some big studios names attached to it. And I know that KORB did a lot of the graphics that you seen on their website like the little intro clip that you see when you go to and on the backgrounds of press conferences and stuff but videos no idea.. Anyone here know?


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