July 30, 2012

Hungary onboard

Photo: Dave Morecambe

I'm sure it wasn't so boring for Lewis Hamilton but man, once again the Hungarian GP was a horrid snooze.
Blame the go-kart track layout (at least when a Formula 1 car is circulating), blame the relatively short main straight, but even KERS and DRS could not produce a single relevant pass.   The only excitement came from Romain Grosjean fighting Raikkonen exiting  the pits, other than that all passes were accomplished by the pit crews.    I'm not sure why F1 bothers with this track anymore, is it really because of the hookers?

Hamilton effectively won the race on Saturday with that incredible qualifying lap,  On Sunday Mclaren may have sacrificed Button's race to give Lewis the win.  Button came in very early, the only explanation had to check wear on the tires.
Alonso was pretty happy to receive the extra points  when Button was forced to stop towards the end of the race for a third time.  After fifth on a very "non Ferrari" track,  goes into the summer break a healthy 40 points ahead of Webber, 42 ahead of Vettel,  47 from Hamilton.     Plenty of racing left and anything can happen, but it's his to lose.

As far as Red Bull, after all the controversies, well, not exactly slow but they certainly did not run away with it as much as in the past. They claimed innocence, they complimented themselves on their own genius... generally they protested a bit too much.

Stars of the race: Hamilton, Raikkonen, Grosjean.
Fail: Mercedes, Schumacher, Rosberg,  Mercedes has announced today it changed its technical staff. There are also rumors of "big decisions" for the F1 team as soon as Dieter Zetsche (the infamously mustached Dr. Z), chief supporter of the MB F1 program retires.

The race was so dull it does not warrant a highlight reel,  more interesting the onboard channel with natural sounds.   Once again, Please Speed,  please FOM,  I would happily pay a healthy amount for the kind of coverage you offer in other countries,  make it happen!

Hungarian GP - Final classification
Pos  Driver    Laps  gap 
1   Lewis Hamilton   69  -
2   Kimi Räikkönen   69  1"0  
3  Romain Grosjean  69  10"5  
4   Sebastian Vettel  69  11"6  
5   Fernando Alonso  69  26"6  
6   Jenson Button   69  30"2  
7  Bruno Senna   69  33"8  
8   Mark Webber   69  34"4  
9   Felipe Massa   69  38"3  
10   Nico Rosberg   69  51"2  
11  Nico Hulkenberg  69  57"2   
12  Paul di Resta   69  62"8   
13  Pastor Maldonado  69  63"6    
14  Sergio Perez   69  64"4  
15  Daniel Ricciardo  68  1 lap   
16  Jean-Eric Vergne  68  1 lap   
17  Heikki Kovalainen  68  1 lap   
18  Kamui Kobayashi  67  2 laps  
19  Vitaly Petrov   67  2 laps  
20  Charles Pic   67  2 laps  
21  Timo Glock   66  3 laps  
22  Pedro de la Rosa  66  3 laps  
rit  Narain Karthikeyan  60  9 laps  
rit   Michael Schumacher  58  11 laps 

Drivers Championship 
01  Fernando Alonso  164
02  Mark Webber   124
03  Sebastian Vettel  122
04  Lewis Hamilton   117
05  Kimi Räikkönen   116
06  Nico Rosberg    77
07  Jenson Button    76
08  Romain Grosjean   76
09  Sergio Perez    47
10  Kamui Kobayashi   33

Constructors Championship 
01 Red Bull-Renault  246
02 McLaren-Mercedes  193
03 Lotus-Renault   192
04 Ferrari   189
05 Mercedes   106
06 Sauber-Ferrari    80
07 Williams-Renault   53
08 Force India-Mercedes   46


  1. In fairness, it's usually entertaining in the wet.

  2. and in the last year race with the soft and super soft produced 50+ passes ...

  3. Yeah sound is off by about 5 seconds when I view it.

  4. Seeing the in car views of this track makes it pretty obvious why the races here are so dreary usually. There are few places to make a real maneuver on this track as the cars are unable to follow closely. If they were racing closer there would be tons of passing.

    Never thought I'd be saying Bahrain was a better race than any...ever...


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