July 22, 2012

German GP: Fernando is faster than you

Fernando Alonso dominated the 2012 German GP with a little help from...Lewis Hamilton?.

Fernando did have the measure of the field and took full advantage of starting from pole but benefitted from a lapped Lewis Hamilton's sudden point of pride when, after being told by the Mclaren wall not to hold up Jenson Button coming up behind him.  
At that point Hamilton, who  had just been lapped by Alonso and Vettel decided to attack the latter and un-lap himself, which he accomplished using DRS.
There will be some arguments about the use of DRS by lapped cars (after all, you are not one second down, you are one lap and one second down) but, be that as it may, Vettel, who had been gaining quickly on Alonso for the lead,  seemed to be momentarily stunned is not psychologically wounded.    Hamilton continued on and tried to attack Alonso but Fernando was faster, DRS or no DRS.

Mclaren, in a legal but questionable move, later retired the car with Hamilton out of the points allowing them to make penalty free changes before the Hungarian GP.

The race ended with further controversy, after the pre-race Red Bull "cheater"engine mapping affair, when Vettel passed Button for second place with two laps to go.   He did have all four wheels outside of the painted lines, so it is possible he would get penalized.  Stay tuned.

Pos  Driver        Team                       Time
 1.  Alonso        Ferrari                    1h31:05.862
 2.  Vettel        Red Bull-Renault           +     3.732
 3.  Button        McLaren-Mercedes           +     6.949
 4.  Raikkonen     Lotus-Renault              +    16.409
 5.  Kobayashi     Sauber-Ferrari             +    21.925
 6.  Perez         Sauber-Ferrari             +    27.896
 7.  Schumacher    Mercedes                   +    28.960
 8.  Webber        Red Bull-Renault           +    46.900
 9.  Hulkenberg    Force India-Mercedes       +    48.100
10.  Rosberg       Mercedes                   +    48.800
11.  Di Resta      Force India-Mercedes       +    59.200
12.  Ricciardo     Toro Rosso-Ferrari         +  1:11.400
13.  Massa         Ferrari                    +  1:16.800
14.  Vergne        Toro Rosso-Ferrari         +  1:16.900
15.  Maldonado     Williams-Renault           +     1 lap
16.  Petrov        Caterham-Renault           +     1 lap
17.  Senna         Williams-Renault           +     1 lap
18.  Grosjean      Lotus-Renault              +     1 lap
19.  Kovalainen    Caterham-Renault           +    2 laps
20.  Pic           Marussia-Cosworth          +    2 laps
21.  De la Rosa    HRT-Cosworth               +    3 laps
22.  Glock         Marussia-Cosworth          +    3 laps
23.  Karthikeyan   HRT-Cosworth               +    3 laps

Fastest lap: Schumacher, 1:18.275  

Not classified/retirements:

Driver        Team                         On lap
Hamilton      McLaren-Mercedes             58

World Championship standings, round 10:                

Drivers:                    Constructors:             
 1.  Alonso       154        1.  Red Bull-Renault          238
 2.  Webber       120        2.  Ferrari                   177
 3.  Vettel       118        3.  McLaren-Mercedes          157
 4.  Raikkonen     95        4.  Lotus-Renault             156
 5.  Hamilton      92        5.  Mercedes                  105
 6.  Rosberg       76        6.  Sauber-Ferrari             78
 7.  Button        65        7.  Williams-Renault           47
 8.  Grosjean      61        8.  Force India-Mercedes       46
 9.  Perez         47        9.  Toro Rosso-Ferrari          6
10.  Kobayashi     31       
11.  Maldonado     29       
12.  Schumacher    29       
13.  Di Resta      27       
14.  Massa         23       
15.  Hulkenberg    19       
16.  Senna         18       
17.  Vergne         4       
18.  Ricciardo      2       
All timing unofficial


  1. I must admit, I am what you would term a Lewis fan but I've been so impressed with Fernando this year. He get's so much out of an inferior car, especially under pressure and makes great decisions.

  2. I don't know the name for those little black wings beside both sides of the rool hoop, but since silverstone I realized that some teams are using one of them with huge bulges. It's clear in the pictures above.
    Anyone know what they are for???

    1. Not totally sure but aren't they camera pods? the top ones are in a mandatory position but the others have moved around on cars, usually they were on the nose...

    2. yeah, noted that. But what bugs me is that some teams are using bigger than normal pieces in the Fridays. Note in the pictures the difference in size between both sides of the rool hoop in the Mclaren and RedBull car.
      My guess is that they are sensors to measure the exaust flow since they are only used in practice or tests.

  3. 'Nando el Mago...

    as a Spaniard, and Tifoso: great pride in seeing such a complete integration of man, Team and machine.

    one sticking point: if only Massa could do so much as to garner points.


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