June 16, 2012

Spirit of Le Mans

As you know drivers cannot get outside assistance while on track at Le Mans and when the Nissan Highcroft Delta Wing broke down, driver Satoshi Motoyama tried desperately to get the car running again but to no avail.

Earlier in the race, after a crash of his own making, Romain Dumas turned into the incredible Hulk and single hangedly tore the whole front end off his Audi R18 in order to make it back to the pits where team Audi managed to get the car running again


  1. Got to feel for MotoYama. He tried for an hour and a half!

    To paraphrase Franchitti. "Kazuki Nakajima crashed a lot in F1, seems he's brought that with him here!"

  2. Isn't this reminder enough that 3 wheeled cars don't work? As soon as there is damage (or possibly even a puncture) to one of the three corners, the car is immediately rendered useless. Reason enough to put this stupid idea to bed I feel.

  3. A very valid and important point.

    Completely irrelevant though as the Deltawing has 4 wheels

  4. Let's not forget that the DeltaWing didn't break down, it was totally clothes lined by the Toyota.


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