June 22, 2012

5 questions for Valencia

Photo: Felipe Ribas

A very interesting Italian blog, Yet Another F1 Blog, has a feature:  "Five questions for...".  As I'm on vacation please forgive if I translate their list, usually they raise the right ones :

1) Will we have the eighth different winner? 
The question is getting a bit old, but this season, it's impossible not to ask it. Who's missing: Raikkonen, Grosjean, Schumacher, Massa, the two from Sauber... Possible in theory but we say : NO

2) Will there be at least one Safety Car? 
We say YES
3) Another question we asked too much this season, who will lead the Driver's championship after Valencia?
We say Alonso, in great form.

4) Better Schumacher or Rosberg in quali? 
Schumacher, because Pirelli said so...

5) Will "poor" Jenson make it in the top five? 
McLaren will try to copy Hamilton's setup on Jenson's car, Will it be enough? We say YES, maybe he'll find his groove again.

Want to give it a try and see how you did after the week end? leave your answers below

BTW  have you seen how Red Bull have made an extra  wing profile by enclosing the half-shafts?   Expect "clarifications"


  1. Button using the same set up an hamilton in practise and hamilton running far back in the field and no conspiracy theory from AC?

    this blog just isnt the same.

    1. Clearly McLaren first tried Buttons settings on Hammy... :)

  2. Not 5.... Button failed and Schumi did better in the race not quail :)


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