May 5, 2012

Tim Bergmeister survives nasty crash at Fuji

A testament to the strength of Porsche race cars, Tim Bergmeister survived this awful and bizarre crash during the second round of the 2012 Super GT at Fuji.

Tim is brother of Jörg Bergmeister who was in attendance at Fuji and added this update via Facebook

"Tims condition has stabelized. He has severe lung injuries and the doctors are trying to safe his left lung while the right side is in much better shape. within the next 2 weeks we will know how it goes. His brokes bones are no issue right now and the good thing is there are no head injuries nor damage to the spinal cord. Please keep your fingers crossed for him. Thank you for all the messages. I will keep you updated. Jörg"

Best wishes from Axis.

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