May 4, 2012

Hybrid War will be postponed

The 2012 World Endurance Championship will be at Spa- Fracochamps Saturday but sadly it will likely be another Audi steamroll,  the Toyota TS030 having crashed testing a Paul Ricard and not ready to fight this week end in the Ardennes.

Challenging the Audi who will occupy the front two rows at the start will be the Lotus branded Lola Toyotas of Rebellion Racing.  You can cheer them on and watch a LIVE STREAM of the race HERE

As usual, I recommend Audio from Radiolemans


  1. How scared of Audi is Toyota? An unnamed driver crashed their "only" monocoque at the world's safest track (without any pictures/video to show for it) last month and they "couldn't repair it in time". But in the unlikely event of one of those Lotus Toyotas winning, I'm sure Toyota would take all the credit. Pathetic.

    1. you know how these big manufacturers are, they only want to race if they are guaranteed to win...

      But who know for sure, having driven Paul RIcars a couple of times, I can think of few places where you could crash hard into something, Either way, unless the whole car was made out of unobtanium, I can't see why they could not build a new car from the ground up if they wanted to...

  2. True indeed. Though I'm sure McNish would have mercy on his old employer and not beat them too badly...


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