May 13, 2012

Fire in the Williams Garage after historic win in Spain

Flames broke out in the Williams garage at the Circuit de Catalunya after the end of the Spanish GP which was won by Pastor Maldonado in a Williams... No major injuries reported so far but there will surely be major damage to their equipment


  1. Come on dude, don't put spoilers in the *title* of your blog post.

    I know not to read your blog on race Sunday until after I watch, but I can't avoid seeing the title. Not cool!

  2. Oh please Cbloom, this is hard hitting news. It should be reported as such. Hopefully no one was hurt! I wouldn't have heard of this if not for Axis.

    What a horrible way to cap off a win. Can't even begin to image the damage done to their equipment.

    Has anyone found the source of the fire?

  3. You could have still heard about this "hard hitting news" if the title didn't have "after historic win" in it, and he wouldn't have had the result ruined. I believe that is cbloom's point.

    On the other hand, cbloom can avoid seeing the title by not going to the site in the first place -- I just checked 5 other F1 and Automotive sites and they all have a gigantic picture with Maldonado winning and a banner saying he won at an unavoidable location on the top of the site.... so you should know by now not to go to ANY automotive site on race-day if you haven't seen the race yet.

  4. Sorry if it was a spoiler but really I didn't even post it early... But I know how you feel, I hate finding out results when you are trying to save it. I think the only way is to avoid the net completely.

  5. Brilliant race for Lewis. 24th to 8th, only driver to do 2 stops. Jenson must be pretty fed up.

  6. On the sky TV broadcast you could see the lights go off and hear a fire alarm in the background. Was that when the actual fire happened?
    That didn't seem to react to it. Maybe it was in another part of the garage?

    1. Ok, just watched your video. My sky TV feed ended before that. That alarm must have been related.
      Scary images for sure. Hopefully the injured make a full recovery and Williams hasn't lost any critical equipment.
      I'm surprised that the garages don't have built in fire suppression.


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