May 2, 2012

Fire and Ice: the awesome vintage rallies of Europe

Ferrari 250 GTO- Serenissima Run 2012 by Thomas Quintin

Two amazing rallies run in Europe recently have given the opportunity for super talented photographers to create some magic.   Lucky for us some like to share and we welcome the opportunity too showcase their work.

The picture above is from the Louis Vuitton Serenissima Run.  From Monte Carlo leisurely to Venice over a few days stopping, no doubt in amazing restaurants and hotels.

The other big vintage rally was the Tour Auto,  from Paris to Nice and with some timed stages and circuits,  more of a competition than the LVMH event.  A bit like the One Lap of America but with better food and hotels!
Check out some amazing photography after the jump

Ford GT40, Tour Auto 2012 by Thomas Quintin
Ligier JS2 -Tour Auto by Guillaume Tassart
Alpina A110 - Tour Auto by Thomas Quintin
Ferrari 375 MM "Rossellini" by Martin Vincent

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona by Guillaume Tassart

Porsche 365 by leshabilleurs
BMW 3.0 CSL by Julien Mahiels

What's sight without sounds, right? turn it up and enjoy.

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  1. Awesome post !

    We shared a great week with Martin it is a pity we didn't knew about that private rally for LV :(

    I can't really post more pictures from my gallery since it was a job for sportscardigest.


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