April 26, 2012

Race craft.

If you are reading Axis, Sean Edwards needs no introduction.
in this clip, on a half damp, half wet Hockenheim he fights from P14 to P3. Check out how, as he's passing for P6 (about 6:30), he positions his car just before turn 1 so that Alzen cannot get a good line on entry and ends up wide and defenseless on exit. Brilliant.


  1. Nice driving, except the one at 9:19 at the hairpin for 3rd, I'd be really pissed if I was that poor driver. Must have lost 3 or 4 places there. Plus, why did he opt to use slicks? Was it the better choice, you think?

  2. The Wets were dead after a few laps and the few drivers who chose to start on them all had to pit for slicks, The driver who got spun at the hairpin(Armindo) was one of them.

  3. He's a great driver but i didn't think 6:30 was special?


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