March 5, 2012

Who said you can't use a Lotus Exige as a rally car?

Not me, I think all rally cars should be RWD only!

Someone also forgot to tell Stefano D'Aste too, which is good because we get this cool video of his considerable car control on your typical rock on one side, cliff on the other tarmac stage in Northern Italy.

(  hat tip: Master)


  1. Nice!

    You guys should post up some of Lionel Regal's videos (RIP Lionel Regal):

  2. Think that's unlikely? Check out the Aston Martin Vantage which started this weeks Rally Calder (Round 1 of the Australian Rally Championship), although it did meet with an untimely, and painful finish;

    1. Yikes, that was a hard hit. I've wrecked my share of rally cars, but I've never even come close to having the rally computer jump from the dashboard, let alone move a massive concrete barricade.

  3. Awesome rally video....looks expensive and fun


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