March 11, 2012

Formula One Still Blows Part 2.

Aero gone too far?  Yes but how can you not appreciate the genius of this play around the rules?

You remember of course the Mclaren F-duct,  the one that eventually resulted in drivers up and down the field wearing rubber gloves or knee pads to plug vacuum holes channelling air though the car and onto the rear wing causing a drag reducing stall?  Yes well, that was banned as were any driver activated systems except for DRS.

Aerodynamic valve, active aero with no moving parts and no driver intervention.  It's insanely brilliant and I can't imagine the principle is limited to the front wing.

The animation below is not applicable to the F2012 Ferrari shown in it as does not currently have a vent in that position.  Mercedes, does.


  1. I was thinking that perhaps the Red Bull "driver cooling" ducts are another application of this.

    Personally, if I were Adrian, I'd pass the air thru a hot bit somewhere to raise the pressure / speed before dumping it out in the desired place. Ala,

    After all, F1 engines are hot on or off the throttle.

  2. That is simply unreal. I'd like to find the man who first suggested this, shake his right hand and slap him upside the head with my left, out of sheer love and jealousy for genius.

    They've had those little nose inlets for quite some time if I'm not mistaken...Now I'll literally fistfight someone over a chink of nosecone at Austin if I get near a piece !D

  3. Was this wing system already tried out last year
    and had his faults?



  4. Craig Scarborough is speculating that Mercedes actually has a blown front wing that is being activated by the DRS rear wing. It will be one hell of an ingenious solution if true.

    1. The actual article link:


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