March 13, 2012

Delta missing something....

This global Delta Wing PR blitz got me thinking, if you are going to have a three wheeled thing (I know, the Delta has four but it looks like three), it's so much more awesome with a passenger hanging in off the side of the thing.

That naturally lead me to think Tourist Trophy and I believe you will enjoy the awesomeness of the sidecar bits in this clip as much as I did. Of course there is much more than just that to enjoy. Someone please bring this to an iMax theater near us soon, how can TT in 3D not be a success?

UPDATE: Sorry, original clip got pulled from YouTube, try this one, Sidecars are in the second half


  1. "TT-Closer" is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CinemaNX. Copyright is the worst thing ever.


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