February 1, 2012

Sutil: "Hamilton is a coward"

Wow, no BFF any more for Lewis and Adrian.

Sutil was hoping for a bit more support from his buddy at his disco slasher trial in Germany. You will remember Sutil attacked Renault exec. Eric Lux with a champagne glass in a Shanghai club after last year's GP. Hamilton was there at the time but refused to testify.

Sutil was found guilty, sentenced to a 200000 euro fine and a three year suspended jail sentence. Though hi will not have to surrender his FIA Superlicense, his Formula One career is history.

Sutil told BILD:

"Lewis is a coward, I do not want to be friends with someone like that. He is for me no man, even his father sent me a text message written and wished me luck for the process. Lewis came from nothing. He has changed his phone number. I could not reach him anymore. "



  1. You would imagine that McLaren and their sponsors put huge pressure on Lewis not to go to the trial, especially a couple of days before the new car launch.

  2. If someone I knew went batshit crazy and stabbed high ranking executives of the business I made my living in with a champagne glass in China.... I'd probably distance myself from him as well, just saying.

  3. Aww, too bad, I could have seen Hamilton being Al Cowlings to Sutil's O.J. in his next altercation.

  4. There's video that supposedly shows Adrian merely defending himself. I wonder why a German court can pass judgement on a "crime" committed in China. Are Germans bound by their laws everywhere they go? If true that's pretty effed up.

  5. And on a French national . Yeah weird. I don't know why but I picture Sutil as a disco doosh doosh dooosh version of Dieter from the old SNL skits

  6. I am Dieter. Let's dance.

    Sorry, I had to too.

  7. Too bad Sutil isnt taller. Now that he's a professional athlete with a criminal record I'm sure he could find a place in the NBA.


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