February 7, 2012

F1 teams hiding their private parts

More video from the first day of testing in Jerez, check out how the teams rush to put covers on whatever they are trying to hide from rivals.

Is it me or do I hear ratcheting coming from the Renault Lotus and an odd exhaust note from the RB8?



  1. I don't understand what they think they are hiding when the track is surrounded by high speed, high resolution cameras?

  2. The RB8 definitely has an odd on throttle sound in the low revs.

    As for the Renault, what Renault? ;)

    I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary from the Lotus, cough, what point in the video?

  3. Right...Lotus Renault,,,whatever Will it ever be a Lotus? In any case, towards the end

  4. @Rob

    It's all smoke and mirrors. Make a big show about covering the rear wing and the competition focuses on the rear wing. Thereby missing the really trick bargeboard/exhaust/engine intake scoop/ whatever


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