February 9, 2012

Ayrton Senna wanted to quit F1 for karting.

On the Friday before he was killed at Imola in 1994, Ayrton Senna told a friend he wanted to quit Formula One that night and go back to Brazil and build karts, a discipline we know from the movie "Senna" he considered the purest form of racing.

That's the story Angelo Parilla (of IAME kart engine group) told a Dutch Karting magazine.

"...The car is not handling, this British team is crazy, I want to stop. I will decide tonight."

Bonus video after the jump. Having drivers do karting events should be mandatory part of the F1 season.


  1. What a load of rubbish. Yeah Williams were really stupid with that 92 car weren't they old man.

  2. Nobody could have any doubt on the cleverness of Williams as a racing team and on their competitiveness, but they actually killed Senna.

    It has been proved in court, and the only reason why Patrick Head isn't in jail is a thing called "statute of limitation".

  3. The car bottomed. Pressures were too low due to extended safety car period. We're not still dragging out that steering column nonsense are we?

  4. the point here is not why the accident happened but Senna's documented premonition.
    For course those of you who remember Senna before the movie might agree that Senna was prone to hissy fits and would have happily driven for Williams without reservation had it been competitive.

    Who knows, but it's interesting to hear the story.

  5. I don't buy for a second that Senna could simply leave Williams with unfinished business. No way. I also can't believe that he truly wanted to leave F1. Whatever he said to this gentleman, I suggest that we all take a step back and consider the context in which he was speaking.

    I see this comment as nothing more than pouting. He was having a tough time with the car and was not getting his way . . . certainly, he did not move to Williams expecting such a struggle

  6. AC I know that it's not the point here, but I get mad when people ignores the judging of a court that undertook very serious examinations before giving a verdict.

    What Anonymous calls "nonsense" was proven by examinations that showed more than one crack in the steering coulumn, a badly executed welding and even a video evidence.

    Look at this video, it's the examination of the onboard done by the italian forensic lab cineca.
    Do you see that yellow dot? It's one of the buttons on Senna's steering wheel. Do you think it could have ever dropped that much with a sane steering column? No f***ing way.


  7. Senna was in panic with the crashs,terrifeied with Shummy speed.He knows that will be impossible to stop shummy.So the rest is the rest.

  8. They should replace the silly Race of Champions event with a kart race just like this. That would be far more entertaining and compelling.


  9. Great karting video. Here's the one from this year's event.


  10. What a great Kart race! Thank you anonymous...

    Electric Karts too... cool.



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