February 10, 2012

Adventures in Motorsport: Duct Tape

Penske duct tape special at Daytona 1971

Mark Donohue was at the wheel of this Penske Ferrari 512M and had a good chance to win at Daytona in 1971.
Unfortunately in the middle of the night Donohue slowed to avoid hitting Vic Elford who had just blown a tire on the high banks. Right behind Donohue was a Porsche 911 that didn't slow in time and struck the Donohue car which then hit the wall.

Donohue managed to make it back into the pits and the body was literally put back together using a couple of rolls of duct tape. The car finished third behind the winning Gulf Porsche 917K and a NART Ferrari 512S. DIS photo courtesy of the Ormond Beach Memorial Museum.

Photo caption by "Nigel Smuckatelli"

By the way, every reader of Axis, if they haven't already, should read Mark Donohue's "The Unfair Advantage". Thank us later! .

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