January 27, 2012

Rolex 24: Getting Ready

Nothing is left to chance at TRG. The team goes through more than an hour of driver change practice.

In the video Carlos Gomez hops out and Damien Faulkner comes in the Axis of Oversteer Porsche GT3. Target time is 30 seconds.



  1. So I've often wondered what kind of special 'enhancements' teams do to their gear to help speed the driver change; pull tabs, velcro, seat positioning, etc. I don't suppose there is a chance you might get some behind-the-scenes-of-the-winning-team footage this weekend? Since you'll be in the pits n all, and a sponsor *wink

    1. We'll do our best to... What do you want to see?

  2. Carlo Gomez! I saw you in the Speed channel !

    Mucha suerte y un abrazo desde Argentina!


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