January 3, 2012

Lewis Hamilton Recording Secret Album

If true, it does not get much better than this...Can a duet with Jacques Villeneuve be far behind?

MTV.UK, via Trevor Christman:

" Lewis Hamilton 'Recording Secret Album'
Race ace makes his own sweet music as he indulges love of R&B...
10:41, Saturday, 31 December 2011
Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton has been secretly cutting R&B tracks at a West London recording studio, it has been reported.

The 26-year-old McLaren star is a massive music fan and The Sun says he has been spending his downtime recording songs in a studio that has previously been used by Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue.

A source told The Sun: "Not many people know Lewis has been making music in his spare time.

"He's really into his R&B and has been cutting lots of songs that fit in with his taste. At the moment he's fully focused on F1 so it's unlikely any of the tracks will be made public.

"But he's had good feedback from the few people who have heard them."

We're hoping that he's recorded an album of love songs which he's going to hand-deliver to on-off girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger in something like a scene from a Richard Curtis film.

Or better yet that he's planning to audition for American Idol in front of Nicole next year."


  1. its oficial. (even more oficial): lewis is a clown. next he is going to try acting

  2. LOL, I'm not a fan of his overaggressive style or whining, but he does have a boatload of ability. I would hope that alone would make his recordings much better than Jacques. Jacques had an unlimited budget and still couldn't figure out how to get a fire suit that fit.

  3. I give Hamilton's album 2 months before it starts impacting Felipe Massa's record sales.

  4. Tracklist:
    Pimpin' ain't easy (with a chinstrap)
    Baby got movable diffuser
    Massa's Delight (featuring Sugarhill Gang)
    Straight outta Stevenage
    My DRS is playin' tricks on me
    Move Bitch, get out the way

  5. "But he's had good feedback from the few people who have heard them."

    His mother and father in other words.

    Mother: Wow Lewis that's great ! You're really cool !
    Lewis: awww mum you're just saying that cause you're my mum
    Mother: no no really, I mean it
    Lewis: geee, I guess I'm really cool

  6. @ Rob Keehner: once at a press meeting Jacques revealed to a few journos the reason why his race suits are always so large.

    Basically, he says that since was a young racer, he has always been used to "do everything" in his suit. So if mother nature calls while he's in the cockpit, he just lets the fluid go.

    According to his reports, this happens quite frequently, so after the races he always has to wash the suits at very high temperatures, causing them to shrink.
    After that the overall is just one-one and a half size more than his, but when it's new it's awfully big. And when are you supposed to wear a brand new race suit? At the Press events obviously, so that then the whole world can see you :)


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