January 25, 2012

Hooning the Pace Car

We drove 500 miles today getting the BMW M5 from Charlotte North Carolina to Daytona.
We've been good along the way, traveling at (cough) reasonable speeds and not burning too much rubber, so good we had to give ourselves a treat: a detour to the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg South Carolina for some light hooning.

It was the first time the new M5 was at the Performance Center and all the instructors there came to check the car out.

The three of us spent about an hour on the 300 foot skid pad playing with the new M5 and the outgoing e60 M5. A wet skidpad made is so we could hoon to our heart's delight and still have Michelins left on the car for its pace car duties in this friday's Continental 200 at the Speedway.

Enough about the ridiculous amount of fun we had...I think the video will give you a better idea. But yes, with tips from the guys the the Performance Center we were all able to go three times around in a full uninterrupted drift.

Suffice it to say skid pad training should be required study matter for everyone, period.


  1. vimeo never works pls use youtube instead

  2. It looks like the vimeo player, but I'm not sure it's vimeo. Truth is vimeo is really slow on older computers. You can reduce the browser window down to the video size and scroll so that you can see only the video, not the animated ads on the right. This might help for a smoother playback.

  3. Video looked great. Three laps at an uninterrupted drift is impressive. I drove the wet skidpad with Skip Barber in an RX8 at Road Atlanta, and could barely manage to hold a drift for three-quarters of a lap. A skill I won't be developing soon.

  4. How's the...uhh...engine "soundtrack"?

  5. If I had not heard about the synth soundtrack, I would never have known, to me it sounds like I would expect it to sound after hearing it from the outside. Not sure WHY they did it but I don't see why all the fuss.


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