January 12, 2012

FF Slalom

It's the annual Wrooom festival whereby press and assorted luminaries get invited to the Italian Alps for a few days of Ferrari and Ducati press availabilities and swag distribution. Ferrari puts on a bit of a show, like having two FF's parallel slalom on groomed snow, something that incidentally they accomplish with much more ease than any of the current Ferrari driving staff seems to be able to do!.

At a press conference today, Fernando Alonso seemed to be playing the low expectation game, saying correctly, that it's too early to get all worked up about the 2012 car. I'm pretty sure that did not go over all that well with Di Montezemolo who is all about enthusiasm. Well, at least the boss did not stuff the FF in a sand trap snowbank this time!

The bizarre choice of soundtrack is as inexplicable but oddly appropriate.


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