January 14, 2012

Ferrari F152 "caught" on film.

A nice sound to hear on a Saturday morning but I love how these "spy" films appear just prior to pending releases of new cars!

I'm positive Ferrari, when they tasked a test driver to lap the Maranello roundabout over and over at walking speed were as surprised as a Kardashian would be to run into paparazzi after tweeting they would go commando for the day.

As you no doubt read by now, the 599 GTB Fiorano replacement, codenamed F152, is said to have a lighter aluminum chassis and a 725HP V12 derived from the FF's 6.3 unit. Styling will combine elements of the 458 and FF which can only be a good thing.

The F152 will be shown at the Geneva Auto Show where we will find out the model designation and if those rumors of a "HyperKERS" system tied to the front wheels are true or if that will be saved for the upcoming F70.

Time to put all those tired 599's in your garages on e-bay!

(video Auto Motor und Sport)

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  1. The 599 GTB can barely put down the power as it is. Without electronics, would this car be even drivable?


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