January 13, 2012

24 Hours of Daytona: Team Axis' Carlos Gomez interviewed.

(photos: James Kirkland/TRG)

How cool: our own CG, aka "the other Colombian" was interviewed by the pre eminent Latin American motorsport journalist Diego Mejia.

You may know Diego's work from Autosport where he covers NASCAR or for his racing coverage on SpeedTV.com (not to mention his recent karting induced visit to the emergency room, but that's another story.)

In any case, very nice interview, among other things Carlos explains how this will an especially interesting edition of the Rolex 24. While there is excitement for the new Daytona Prototypes,  it's just 14 cars. In comparison there are 50 plus GT cars and for the first time in ages, Porsches are not the only "real" cars in the field.

Yes, Camaros and Mazdas are still tube frame Riley silhouettes but along with Porsche there are now factory supported Ferrari, Audi, BMW and even a lone Dodge Viper.

About the recent "Roar before the 24" test session, Carlos described it as a "festival of sandbagging" where teams pretty much all stuck to the 1:50 lap time and gave little away as to their true speed.

As for the number 68 Axis of Oversteer car, Carlos will be sharing duties with Porsche Supercup rookie of the year Kevin Estre, Supercup UK star Damien Faulkner, IMSA GT3 Challenge driver Chris Cummings and Viper Cup champ Ben Keating.

Carlos concludes saying that the key to winning the 24 is not so much about outright speed but the mental game and consistency over the planned double stints of approximately 55 minute stints the car is capable of. TRG has the experience and the strategic knowhow to give Carlos a top tier car with a legitimate chance.

Daytona will be awesome!

I know a fair chunck of our audience is from beyond the English speaking world and we love that so, here is the interview in it original form with thanks to Diego and Germán Mejia.



  1. great interview, great to see three colombians in the rolex 24 gustavo yacaman from indylights, juan montoya and carlos gomez


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