December 5, 2011

Monza 1971

Peter Gethin passed away aged 71. In 1971 Gethin drove a V12 Yardley BRM to victory in what might still be the closest finish ever for a Formula One race: 5 cars in 6/10th at the flag.

It was at the pre- chicane Monza where an endless 5 car slip stream duel with Ronnie Peterson in a March 711 (in low downforce configuration), Fran├žois Cevert in the Tyrrell 002, Mike Hailwood in a Surtees TS9 and New Zelander Howden Ganley in the other Yardley car, saw Gethin literally win it by inches in the final lap.
(photo: Motorsports Retro)



  1. Such a different era, notice no weaving or blocking between the drivers. Great stuff.


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