December 26, 2011

Lap Fuji onboard a Ferrari 458 Challenge

Many of you will be quite familiar with the Fuji track from playing Gran Turismo 5. Here's the real thing, riding in our friend HFO's Ferrari 458 Challenge on a very chilly late december day.

Theat's about 180 mph on the long straight but, as you might expect, cold weather and slick tires tend to not mix all that well and HFO did have a pretty close call ending up only inches from the guard rail on an out lap!
Check it out after the jump


  1. Inches from...pretty sure he hit the gaurdrail

  2. HFO needs to learn how to drive

  3. " in zero temp, hard slick tires and no wing, no downforce."

    So many driver excuses in the Im sure he was driving cautiously in the first vid, but omg such poor race lines and gear selections, and with the video he spun, he decided to mash the throttle when going from 1st to 2nd gear causing a jolt of energy in the drive line causing the rear tires to spin....

    Its amazing what money will buy you these days in racing.....

  4. Wow all you "anonymous" are so nasty today. What happened, Santa was not good to you this year?

    I be seen all sorts of cars misjudge grip on outlaws, from Civics to GT3... Arguably its more embarrassing on a cheap low horsepower car so no need for the Occupy Axis rethoric here! :)

    As far as the line, well my extensive knowledge of Fuji, gathered exclusively through plaing console games in my living room, tells me that te last complex of turns is just as confusing in real life.. Though I'm fairly certain there was no quali lap involved in the video, I enjoyed it quite a lot! The v8 Ferrari sounds fantastic!-

  5. Good on him for having a go but yeah, that's some pretty embarrassing driving (even when he did keep it pointed in the right direction)...

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  7. We all have our bad days...So he had one too..Get over it...I applaud him for showing it to the world. I'm pretty sure that most of you wouldnt even know what to do with a 458 Challenge.


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