December 17, 2011

Chill F1 Mashup

OK, here's something different: Alternative Chill Out and Late 1960s vintage Formula 1...

That short period in the late 60's when it went high wing mad reminds how Formula One never really changed, teams will try anything and everyone will copy everyone else until it reaches insanity and the whole thing gets banned. That's what we still love about it,  too bad it's become much harder now to have that crazy spark.

This video is taken from the Digital LP: Fresh Moods/ Exhale, written & produced by Peter Haubfleisch. It's available for download on iTunes

Another clip, illustrated using the awesome historic Schlegelmilch archive, after the jump.

1 comment:

  1. Terrific stuff.. thanks for posting. You can really see those suspensions compress when they come out of the corners as those wings kick in. Whoo hoo.

    Hopefully when Bernie finally shuffles off we can see a period of crazy designs... cant wait.


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