November 28, 2011

Tire Trivia: 2011 Formula 1 in figures

Pirelli was kind enough to pull out their excel and quantify the 2011 season for us.
DRS made this a record year for passing, though many will contend a DRS pass is more a change of position than a real pass, there were 1120 passes in 2011. A record also for the number of pit stops, 1111.
That and Vettel is slow at at least one thing...


Total number of tires provided to the teams in 2011: 34600. Of those 24000 dry, 4600 wets and 6000 for testing.
Tires actually used: 21000 dry, 2900 wet.

Weight of balled up rubber left on the track in 2011: 10200kg / 22,487 lb.

Number of recycled tires : all 34600.

Average life of a dry weather tire: 120km/74.5miles


Toughest tracks on tire (lateral load, braking, traction) : Barcellona and Suzuka
Easiest track on tires: Monza

Most continuous stress on a tire: Turn 8 Istambul.
Least continuous stresses: Montreal

Longest race of the year : Montreal 4h 04min 39.537s
Shortest race: Monza 1h 20min 46.272s

New pole position track records beat; 11
New race track records beat: 2

Most laps led: 739 (Sebastian Vettel)
Highest Speed: 349.2km/h /216.98 mph (Sergio Perez in qualifying at Monza)


Total number of pitstops: 1111 (with 22 drive through and 4 stop and go penalties)
Average number of stops per race; 58.4 or 2.25 per driver.
Highest number of stops in a single race: Hungary with 88 including 3 drive through)
Lowest number of stops on a single race: Italy with 35.

Fastest pitstop: 2.82 seconds by Mercedes GP in China


Number of position changes (as of Abu Dhabi): 1120, the highest in F1 history.
Most passes in a dry race: 126 Turkish GP
Most passes in a wet race: 125 Canadian GP


Number of drivers who tried Pirelli PZero F1 tires: 57 (including 3rd drivers and young drivers)
Oldest driver to have driven on Pirelli in 2011: Martin Brundle (51)
Youngest driver: Kevin Ceccon (18)
Total distance covered by all Pirelli tires in 2011: 307,657 km/191,169 miles

Coldest track temperatures: race Germany 13C/55F, test 6C/42F
Warmest track temperatures: race Abu Dhabi 43C/109.4F test Abu Dhabi 49C/120.2F

Total weight handled by every Pirelli tire fitter during the 2011 season: 16,389 kg/ 36,131lb
Average time it takes a Pirelli tech to mount an F1 tire: 2m30s
Time it took Sebasian Vettel to mount a Pzero F1: 5m13s.



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