November 29, 2011

Kimi Raikkonen's ecstatic to be back in F1

The Kimster displays his trademark enthusiasm in this Lotus Renault sourced clip. Add another World Champion to the roster for the 2012 season but I hear the Lotus press and PR people are all demanding raises!

Welcome back Kimi!

The many moods of Raikkonen 3.0

The many moods of Kimi The many moods of Kimi The many moods of Kimi





    We were almost promised he wouldn't be back after Williams walked away. I mean, I know Renault...err, Lotus...err, LRGP...are hurting but this isn't going to help them much.

    Unless they've bought heavily into the ice cream industry.

  2. This is a new Raikkonen. I have faith, he nearly smiled like THREE times in that video!

  3. This is fantastic. The only troubling part is that I don't know how that Kimi/Lotus hat is going to coordinate with all of my Ferrari garb. There goes my action wear collection for spring


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