October 6, 2011

2011 Goodwood Revival: Temple of Oversteer, Part 3.

(photo: Stephen Maddalena)
How do you top the previous two races? Simple, add water!

That and increase value to stratospheric levels. Ok so, the recession took a bit of a bite, last year the combined value of the cars on track for the Goodwood TT was estimated to be a quarter of a billion pounds, this year the estimate is closer a a measly 100 million pounds.... but as I said, you add water.

We gave Martin Brundle some stick for being a bit slow with Nick Mason's 30 million pound GTO (gee, I can't imagine why he's be careful with it!...) Obviously Martin reads Axis and was embarrassed because this year he holds little back, and it was the first time he drove the car in the rain! Nice ripping Martin!

Check it out, it's a lot of fun, oh did I mention the bread van? Check out some pictures after the jump.

Photos: 8W
2011 Goodwood Revival: Ferrari 'Breadvan'
2011 Goodwood Revival: Ferrari 'Breadvan' & 250 SWB/C
2011 Goodwood Revival: Aston Martin DB4 GT
2011 Goodwood Revival: Ferrari 250s
2011 Goodwood Revival: Aston Martin DB4s & AC Cobra
2011 Goodwood Revival: Maserati Tipo 151 & Ferrari 250 GT SWB/C


  1. That was awesome getting to see Kenny Brack drive again. He was incredible. Why o' why did he have to leave, and why did Paul Tracy have to stay.

  2. These races are just beautiful!

  3. Absolutely amazing to see these cars being driven as they were meant to be. Fantastic!

  4. Thanks, that was nice to see, followed a link from Jalop' and now have a new favorite site.

  5. Thanks, that was nice to watch. Followed a link from Jalop' and I now have a new favorite site.


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