October 6, 2011

2011 Goodwood Revival: Temple of Oversteer, Part 1.

Little and Large in the St. Mary's Trophy (part two)
(photo: Jez B)

On the eternal bucket list, the Goodwood Revival has a simple, timeless formula: pro drivers in old cars with skinny tires with no brakes on a fast flowing circuit. What could possibly not be awesome about it?

The event is broken up in various "trophies" for various classes and time periods, we'll start with the St. Mary's Trophy for 1960's touring cars. The field could not be more eclectic: Ford Galaxie, Jaguar Mk II, Lotus Cortina, Mini Cooper, Alfa GT and BMW 1600.

The drivers, Darren Turner, Emanuele Pirro, Tom Kristensen, Andy Priaulx, Tiff Needell, Eddie Cheever, Jackie Oliver, are having a blast, you'll enjoy the show!

Here is part 2: Prototypes 1963-1966

And part 3: 1960's Sports cars, GTO vs Cobra vs Bradvan!



  1. They should do this all year long...

  2. Does anyone know where we could see the full itv coverage??(outside uk)

  3. Skinny tyres and no down force = more fun!

  4. Awesome racing. Did anyone else notice the broken speedometer on the Mini?

  5. ...kinny tires with no brakes on a fast flowing circuit...

    no brakes? They had brakes.

  6. They may have had brakes but they didn;t really slow them down much or reliably :)

  7. Goodwood always pull off an excellent event. For me the Revival just pips the Festival of Speed as my favourite event, the atmosphere is unbeatable.


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