September 10, 2011

Pirelli Rules

Pirelli with the FIA imposed a limit on how Formula 1 teams can set up camber on their own cars, this because of the blistering issues especially Red Bull was having in Spa. For Pirelli the concern is from a PR point of view, the public just will a tire fail not a team that risked an extreme setup and ruined perfectly good rubber. Too bad having to limit another risk/reward variable in F1, but of course, like every technical partner, Pirelli is in F1 to show off its know-how, not to have tires fail.

In the clip above, from, some highlights from Pirelli great racing history. The company was started in Milan in 1872 by then twenty four year old Giovanni Battista Pirelli and it was involved in racing since the beginning of racing itself with its first win coming in the 1907 Paris to Peking race.


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