September 3, 2011

Never give up....

Ok, that's a first but it elevates Jeroen Bleekemolen to master of awesome status in our books!

Here is the long version uploaded by ALMS



  1. Haha, now that's thinking for the team, and wanting to get back out there for practice. Diehard is what that is. Kudo's..

  2. Never give up, NEVER surrender!

    I probably would have forgotten about the wheel/rule, to be honest. Props to him for remembering that :D

  3. The ultimate Pro!

    And.... He wins the race!

  4. Jeroen (a son of former F1 driver Michael Bleekemolen) is a very talented all-round driver and indeed a pro. Here in the Nethelands he has driven almost evrey racing car. From national classes up to LeMans, A1GP and Porche Supercup. In my opinion he may not have the raw speed like for example Jos Verstappen, but he will never complain en will get into a race car and make the best of it.




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