September 11, 2011

Huge crash for Sean Edwards at Monza

Between the two Lesmo corners, in the same place Lewis Hamilton crashed a few years back. Hard to see clearly but I'm guessing he might have tried to squeeze into a space that was not quite there.



  1. ....."but I'm guessing he might have tried to squeeze into a space".....

    I think he better received some "help" by a gentle push in his rear bumper at the very beginnning of that frightenning figure !
    Brits are solid , so did Sean.
    Shame , i don't remenber exactly , but i think he had a great result in here PCC 1 or 2 years ago....

  2. I'm with Markus on that one... Looks like a friendly tap on the shoulder.

  3. The scariest aspect is that if the wreck had started 50 feet sooner he would have been in the gap with the marshalls and would have hit the end of a wall, not to mention the potential injury to the marshalls themselves. Similar poor placement and behavior was evident in the spectacular wreck from Baltimore in the IRL. Poorly placed marshalls ran for cover as Kanaan's car went airbourne.


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