September 1, 2011

F40 on F40 Violence

there has to be a story behind this picture... Turns out there is: thanks to the crack investigative prowess of our reader Floats we have the video that tells the whole sad story. check it out after the jump

Peter Cook's Ferrari F40 crashes and bursts into flames while racing Stuart Bowler's F40 Ferrari on the last corner of the last lap of round 8 of the Goodyear Maranello Ferrari Challenge at Castle Combe on 5th July 1998. Peter Cook, escaped unscathed although this was a very costly error looking at the state of the car being transported back to the pits!
Filmed by Andrew Musty

(Thanks Floats, awesome work!)


  1. The more of this the better. They were made to drive, I bet most are rotting in a garage. The rear wing looks to be sagging on the one car. And the rear lexan cover has a different pattern. Did they vary by year?

  2. Castle Combe?

  3. @floats do you work for csi? That's some detective work! Car #40 into the tyre wall, into flames.

  4. Haha Dzm. It's been around the web a fair bit, I just happened to be the first to post here.

  5. Castle Combe is a fantastic little track, with a good history. Love that place.


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